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Application: Cosmographia

Application for Cosmographia.

"Rebellion is never a bed of roses.
It is a life and death struggle between the present and the past.

Player Info:
Name: Mica
Timezone: United States EST; GMT -5
Contact: Please Click Here

Character Info:
Name: Rose Quartz
Age: At an age numbering in thousands of of Earth years, likely tens of thousands or more, Rose is a fully developed Gem in her prime

Key Points:
  • Rose Quartz is an Alien military commander from space

  • Actually she's a General, so it's kind of a big deal

  • She was supposed to help subjugate Earth

  • So that her alien race could suck all the life out of it to make new babies

  • not cool, Gem homeworld, not cool

  • Rose rebelled and it was pretty brutal

  • no such thing as a good war, man

  • But in the end she won, for a sufficiently loose definition of the term "won"

  • Basically, she and her three besties were left.

  • Sucks.

  • So then a bunch of time and adventures happen

  • And Rose decides that she's going to fall in love with a rock star babe, Greg Universe

  • And eventually decides to be his space alien baby mama

  • So she did, except it kinda meant giving up her current physical form

  • And that's where babies come from, Steven.

History: It's difficult to explain the magnitude of the transgression involved in Rose's Rebellion. What little we know about the Gems of the homeworld is this: they follow a top-down structure, and they have strong leaders-- and that by choosing to rebel, Rose was dooming herself and anyone who followed her, into permanent exile on Earth. The Gems came as conquerors, but what Rose saw in the human race made her turn against the purposes of her nigh-immortal species and side with the short-lived people of Earth. She's always loved humankind, with all her heart, a love strong enough to overcome all odds and win freedom from the Gem Homeworld.

What we know about her Rebellion is that it involved both Gems and Humans, and that everyone present at the final battle died, with the exception of Rose Quartz herself, and a few of her closest friends. We know of only four of Rose's gem allies that survived the final battle, and yet all over the world are little sanctuaries and statues, constructions and sites of monuments and relics. The battles of the Rebellion must have gone on for a long time; who else but the followers of Rose Quartz would have built these things, or used these ancient facilities?

Rose and the Crystal Gems lived on Earth, largely apart from humanity even as they stood guard over it, for five thousand years after the final conflicts of Rose's Rebellion. They were exiles, but for all of Rose's love of Earth and Humankind, it wasn't until Gregory Universe that she really fell in love with a human. Enough, even to do the unthinkable, and sacrifice her physical form for the sake of a child born of that bond.

Steven Quartz-Universe, born out of love, the first and perhaps the only Gem to have been realized purely as an act of creation. What was she thinking, creating a being like that, what is Steven's-- Rose's ultimate purpose? Only time will tell.

Personality: Rose Quartz lives and dies by her philosophy of compassion. She's a lover and a healer-- and a guardian, most of all. She prefers to be gentle, and kind, to facilitate growth in others and to accept them for who and what they are. To many, that makes her seem weak, even naive, but valuing life isn't weakness, and disregarding the lives of others isn't strength. It would be a mistake to look at Rose's loving, soft-hearted facade and assume that it was all there was to her. After all, this is a woman who rose to become a well known and much beloved General in the military of a species who seems to have no difficulty at all with the concept of gluing someone's mind to the back of a mirror and using them as a living, sentient object-- the most dehumanizing kind of slave one could be.

Violence? You betcha. Rose is a product of her homeworld, as are we all. She's mellowed a lot over the millennia, but she can still fight like a demon, and she has killed before. Rose knows what war means in a very real way, and understands the hard choices involved in command. For someone who so strongly desires peace, much of her life has been spent fighting. Maybe it takes someone who has experienced the worst that sentient life has to offer, in order to really value the better angels of our nature.

So, for all that bloodshed and destruction in her past, Rose has at her heart, a mother's love. She wants to take care of people, to nurture and protect. She's fascinated by the variety and beauty of life, and holds that every life is precious, no matter how small, or ugly, or strange. She embraces people for who they are, and fights only when she feels there's no choice but to do so. If you truly understand someone, who they are and where they're coming from, it's impossible to hate them-- or, at least, she hopes it is.

Gem Considerations: Rose Quartz, of course, a round, bubblegum-pink, faceted gem, embedded just about where a bellybutton would be, if she had one.

Power considerations:
List Three Powers You Would Like Your Character To Have:
  • Summon Weapon: Rose's Shield, a round targe-style energy shield emblazoned with Rose's symbol

  • Healing Powers

  • Empathic Projection (like mind-reading, but in reverse)

Rose isn't just someone who has magical powers, she is her power. Losing her abilities, with no apparent notice or way to easily reclaim them, will give her significant pause. She's a pretty calm lady, so she probably won't result in a hand-flapping panic or anything, but the slow pace of regaining her abilities is going to be something of a trial. Rose's powers are very much a part of who she is, and each dollop of herself that she gets back is therefore going to be precious to her.

Sample: Rose Quartz on the Test Drive Meme